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Alert By Citizen

Alert By Citizen Report Information

The CARE Alert By Citizen report contains a listing of all CARE alerts generated during a specified time period, sorted by CARE subscriber name. If multiple alerts were generated during this time period per subscriber, each occurrence is listed.

This report is useful to the CARE administrator in identifying CARE citizens who did not respond during this time period and may indicate that the senior is having difficulty, whether just hearing the call, answering it, or responding positively to the call. A responsible family member may need to be contacted to let them know about this potential problem.

The following information is included in this report:

  • Citizen Name - Name of CARE subscriber being called.
  • Date Of Call - Date call was made to subscriber.
  • Time Of Call - Time call was made to subscriber.
  • Phone Number - Subscriber's phone number.
  • Type Of Profile - Subscriber's call model (Reassurance, Reminder, Latchkey Child).
  • Alert Resolution - Final resolution of call (Citizen OK, Phone Not Operational, etc.).

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