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voice broadcast

voice telephone reassurance

Voice Broadcasting Technology

voice broadcast technology Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides an automatic community calling program called CARE (Call Reassurance) that calls the elderly and children left at home alone.

The CARE phone system is designed around voice broadcasting technology developed by DSC. This technology automatically calls phone numbers maintained within a computer list.

Phone calls are placed at designated times and a pre-recorded phone message is played to the CARE recipient.

What Is Voice Broadcasting?

    "In computer telephony integration, voice broadcasting is a telecommunication technique that sends recorded phone messages to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at once. This mass communications technology has both commercial and public notification applications."
Voice broadcasting is the technology that powers the CARE calling system when contacting CARE subscribers and contacts. Voice broadcasting is used throughout the CARE system as an automatic means to contact residents and CARE support members.

Contact DSC to learn more about our CARE phone systems that include our voice broadcast technology.

City of Brentwood Police Department

"The eCARE program is designed to check on the welfare of the Brentwood senior citizens and persons with disabilities. The program is designed for those citizens who might face medical emergencies in their homes and do not have friends or relatives to check on them each day. eCARE utilizes computer technology to contact these citizens daily by telephone. This is performed as a public service by the Brentwood Police and Fire Departments. The service is free of charge." -

Our CARE phone system, using our voice broadcasting technology, was provided to the City of Brentwood Police Department to check on the well-being of disabled persons, older adults, and individuals who live alone within the city limits.

CARE Voice Broadcasting Functions

Voice broadcasting is used within the basic CARE program as well as within several options available in the CARE PRO system:

  • Contact CARE subscribers
  • Process CARE subscriber phone key responses
  • Alert subscriber contacts during an emergency
  • Call subscriber non-emergency contacts
  • Contact subscriber contact when appropriate phone key is pressed
  • Contact community members using CARE Voice Broadcast Service

CARE Demonstration

The CARE phone reassurance program can be managed online. The following is an example of how to use our CARE telephone reassurance system.

This demonstration shows how CARE recipients are added to our system for calling and how a CARE system administrator can monitor the ongoing operation of our phone reassurance system.

Additional CARE Information

Contact DSC to learn more about our CARE call reassurance services and voice message broadcast systems.