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CARE Call Announcements

call announcement CARE (Call Reassurance) is a calling program from Database Systems Corp. that sends a recorded message to seniors and residents home alone to check on their well-being. By pressing the "I'm OK" phone key, the resident signals to CARE that they are OK.

The greetings played to these residents can be simple introductory messages or can be customized for each CARE subscriber. CARE greetings can be music overlayed with a message from the CARE center or a simple "Hello" followed by a menu of selection items from which the subscriber can make a choice by pressing a phone key.

CARE can also include special announcements before and after the introductory greeting. Alert and warning messages can be delivered along with holiday greetings and even birthday messages for the senior or home alone resident.

Contact DSC to learn more about CARE phone systems and phone services.

CARE Greeting Features

CARE greetings and announcements are divided into two distinct areas. When the CARE phone system calls a senior or latchkey child, it plays one or more greeting messages following by a menu from which the CARE subscriber makes a phone selection using the touchphone keypad.

The greeting can be composed of one or more of the following call announcement messages:

  • Universal Alert Or Warning Message (optional).
  • Introductory Greeting Message.
  • Special Birthday Greeting Message (optional).
  • Holiday Greeting Message (optional).
followed immediately by the
  • Menu Selection Message.
The Introductory Greeting Message can be unique per subscriber. This could not only greet the CARE senior, but it could also be a simple reminder to take medication at a particular time.
    "Good morning, Mrs. Smith. This is your daily CARE call from Sheriff Dean Atchinson."
Greetings could also be random messages maintained in a directory so that the same messages are not played over again. Messages also could contain sponsor information as well.

The CARE subscriber can make menu selections at any time during the playing of this message by pressing one of the phone keys. An example of this message could be:
    "If you are OK, please press 1. If you would like to speak with a dispatch officer, press 0"
Up to four greetings can be played to a subscriber at one time, although it is very unlikely that a situation would occur where all four messages would ever be required. In most cases, only the Introductory Greeting would be played to the subscriber.

How Are Greetings and Menus Recorded?

Most greetings and announcements can be recorded using a PC and microphone. These messages can be recorded in several different formats and it is important that the greetings be saved in the following format:

  • Audio Format: PCM
  • Average Data Rate: 8.00 or 11.025 kb/second
  • Sample Rate: 8.00 khz
  • Audio Sample Size: 8 bit
  • Channels: 1 (mono)
DSC also provides a feature with the CARE PRO System that automatically records messages using an IVR maintained on the phone system. The administrator simply calls into the phone system and records the message over the phone and the message is saved in the proper format.

Text To Speech Messages

Any greeting or menu message can be maintained as text and converted using a Text To Speech Convertor. DSC provides the standard Microsoft TTS converter with each CARE system it provides. However, optional text to speech engines can be licensed through DSC from a variety of manufacturers to achieve a higher quality sounding message.

Multi-language and Professionally Recorded Messages

professional voice overs CARE greeting messages can be recorded in any language required by the subscriber. Database Systems Corp. contracts with professional voice-over specialists who can create a customized greeting message for your CARE center.

Individual messages can also be professionally recorded in many different languages. Visit our Voice Recording website for examples and a listing of the different languages provided by this professional staff of voice recording specialists.

CARE Information

Contact DSC to learn more about our CARE call reassurance services and phone systems.