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City Of Brentwood Police Department

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leading provider of call center technology including call reassurance phone systems and service. DSC provides services and systems that automatically call households checking on residents to ensure they are OK. This service can re-dial the number several times and if there is no response, a message can be provided to family members or a monitoring center informing them that a resident is not responding to this call.

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City Of Brentwood Police Department

The following organization provides a Call Reassurance (CARE) program from Database Systems Corp. for its community and residents. The information provided on this page came from the website of this provider. To obtain current information about this provider, please visit the website listed below.

Telephone Reassurance Provider
    Organization: City Of Brentwood Police Department, Brentwood, Missouri

    Type Of Service: FREE - Automated Telephone Reassurance Program


    Telephone: (314) 644-7100

Additional Information

The following information is published on the Brentwood Police Department website regarding its CARE program.

CARE Call Reassurance

The CARE program is designed to check on the welfare of the Brentwood senior citizens and persons with disabilities. The program is designed for those citizens who might face medical emergencies in their homes and do not have friends or relatives to check on them each day. CARE utilizes computer technology to contact these citizens daily by telephone. This is performed as a public service by the Brentwood Police and Fire Departments. The service is free of charge.

Members of Program

Persons wishing to be subscribers to this program will make application to the Brentwood Police Department. Staff can assist you with the application form. Members of the program must live within the city limits of Brentwood. Potential members must also fit one of the following guidelines:

  • Over the age of 60 years and living alone.
  • Married and both partners are over the age of 65 years.
  • Any age, living alone with a disability that inhibits the mobility of the individual.
  • Other individuals who may apply with unusual medical or social circumstances will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.


The computer will make a telephone call daily to each member of the program. If the member answers the telephone it will be assumed that everything is okay at the residence. If there is no answer, or the phone is busy for more than a half hour, a police officer and key carrier will be sent to check the welfare of the program member.

The “CARE” program is not intended to replace Medic Alert systems. The “CARE” program is just another safeguard.

Guidelines for Members

All members of the program will be expected to follow these guidelines. Failure to do so may result in the member being removed from the program.
  • Phone calls are made each day from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. You select the hour that you wish to be called. Thus a member agrees to be home to receive the call.
  • The “CARE” system is based on whether or not the phone is answered. If the phone is answered, the computer presumes that everything is all right and no further action is taken.
  • If you do not answer the phone, the computer will issue an “Alert”. The Alert will result in a police officer and a key carrier being sent to your home to check on your welfare.
  • You will be asked if there is a person who will have a key to your home and is willing to check on your welfare in the event that the computer issues an Alert when there is no answer at your home. This person is called the “Key Carrier”. Key Carriers are not absolutely necessary.
  • In the event that your key carrier is unavailable, or you don’t have one, the police officer will use force to enter your home to check on your welfare after an alert. The officer will use the least amount of force necessary to gain entry, and do the least amount of damage as possible. By signing the application form and becoming a member of the program, you agree to allow forced entry and any cost of repairs.
  • If you feel very ill and need emergency assistance at the time of your morning phone call, it is better not to attempt to answer the phone. If there is no answer, the computer will issue an alert and the key carrier and a police officer will come to your home to check on you.
  • If you are ill or injured and can still reach the phone, it is better for you to call 911 and help will be dispatched immediately.
  • If you do not receive your phone call, please call the Brentwood Police Department (644-7100) and advise us. It is possible that there could be a malfunction with our computer.

Vacations and Temporary Cancellations

When a member is aware that they will be out of Brentwood for the day or for several days, the member will need to notify the Police Dispatcher (644-7100) and provide the necessary information regarding their absence. The notification should be at least 24 hours prior to leaving town. The dispatcher will then enter the information into the computer so the program will not call the member on those days.

False Alerts

Remember that you selected the time of your daily phone call and agreed to be at home. If there is no answer at your home, or if the phone is busy for more than 30 minutes, the “Are You O.K.?” computer will issue an alert. That will result in a key carrier and police officer being sent to your home." -

The City Of Brentwood Police Department uses the eCARE (Call Reassurance) phone system from Database Systems Corp. to provide its senior citizens with a phone reassurance service. Brentwood was a prior user of an "Are You OK?"® system from Northland Innovation Corp. and opted to convert this system to our Care (Call Reassurance) phone system. Citizens can be called daily free of charge to ensure their well-being.

"Are You OK?"® and RUOK® are registered names of Bruce L Johnson (Individual). For a comparison with our CARE system, please visit our RUOK® vs CARE web page.