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telephone reassurance

CARE Demonstration
telephone reassurance

CARE (Call Reassurance) System Operation and Demo

CARE Phone Service

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides an automated telephone reassurance calling program, CARE (Call Reassurance) that contacts homebound individuals ensuring their well-being. This is particularly helpful for the elderly and handicapped that are unable to leave home and require periodic checkup.

Our CARE systems automatically call households checking on residents to ensure they are OK. This service can re-dial the number several times and if there is no response, a message can be provided to family members or a monitoring center informing them that a resident is not responding to this call.

CARE Demonstration

The following are two demonstrations of the CARE telephone reassurance program. The first is a comprehensive demonstration of the CARE product that describes the operation of the CARE program from the administrator's perspective.

The second demonstration is a high level overview of the CARE program and is intended to show how the CARE program can be used within a community.

Contact DSC to see these presentations and to learn more about our call reassurance phone systems and services.

CARE Operation Demo

The CARE operational demo is a Youtube presentation that shows how the CARE system was designed and administered. This includes a demonstration of the features and objectives of the CARE solution. The presentation includes examples of how to add new subscribers to the program as well as how to maintain existing information about each subscriber.

This presentation also demonstrates CARE reports and how they are generated and displayed. The presentaion shows the operation of the "I'm OK" CARE function. Finally this demo shows how the CARE operator views daily operational statistics.

The CARE presentation also includes useful information about other CARE programs such as our Latchkey Kids calling solution, medication reminders and the new House Arrest feature of CARE.

To view this CARE presentation, simply press the "CARE Demonstration" image above.

Who Should View This Demo?

  • Community Leaders - telephone reassurance program decision makers
  • CARE Implementors - managers assigned the task of implementing a CARE program
  • CARE Administrators - individuals tasked with maintaining CARE subscriber lists
  • CARE Operators - individuals assigned to operate the CARE phone system
  • CARE Guardians - groups or individuals tasked with caring for seniors
  • CARE Family Members - loved ones wishing to enroll family members

Additional CARE Information

Contact DSC today at (602) 265-5968 to learn more about our CARE call reassurance programs and services.

telephone reassurance

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