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Putnam Valley Sheriff's Department RUOK? Success Story

Sheriff’s Dept. Calling Service Saves Woman’s Life

from: March 21, 2001

On the morning of March 10, the Sheriff’s Department was alerted by its computerized calling system to a possible problem at a residence in Putnam Valley. A deputy was immediately dispatched to the residencee and arrived within minutes. Upon arrival the deputy knocked on the door but received no answer. He noticed a television was on in the house and started walking around the residence knocking on all the windows, but still received no answer. When the deputy knocked on the door of an exterior unheated tool shed, a woman’s voice responded calling for help.

The deputy gained entry to the tool shed and found an 86-year-old female lying on the floor with several tools on top of her. Blood from several cuts on her body had started to freeze with the exposure to the cold. The deputy picked up the woman and carried her into the house and wrapped her in blankets. Her husband, age 87, was found sitting in an upstairs bedroom, unaware of the condition of his wife. Further investigation found the phone was not working which was what triggered the Telephone Reassurance system. Putnam Valley Ambulance transported both subjects to Hudson Valley Hospital.

Sheriff Thoubboron stated that the calling system alerted the police to an emergency and once again saved a life. This system places daily calls to elderly or disabled persons who have subscribed. If the subscriber fails to answer, an alert is generated at the Sheriff’s Communication Centre and a patrol is dispatched. Senator Vincent Leibell was instrumental in securing a state grant for the system, allowing the Sheriff’s Department to provide this service.

NOTE Putnam County replaced their aging RUOK® phone system with a modern CARE (Call Reassurance) phone system from Database Systems Corp. to perform all of its telephone reassurance services for seniors in this county.

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