Telephone Reassurance Williamson County Sheriff's Office
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CARE Provider
Williamson County Sheriff's Office

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leading provider of call center technology including call reassurance phone systems and service. DSC provides services and systems that automatically call households checking on residents to ensure they are OK. This service can re-dial the number several times and if there is no response, a message can be provided to family members or a monitoring center informing them that a resident is not responding to this call.

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Williamson County Sheriff's Office

The following organization provides a telephone reassurance program for its community and residents. The information provided on this page came from the website of this provider. To obtain current information about this provider, please visit the website listed below.

Telephone Reassurance Provider
    Organization: Williamson County Sheriff's Office, Georgetown, Texas

    Type Of Service: FREE - Automated Telephone Reassurance Program


    Telephone: (512) 943-1300

Additional Information

CARE Call Reassurance

"Williamson County, with the City of Georgetown, offers this free program to serve homebound and senior citizens. Once you have registered, you choose a specific time of day to receive a daily computerized call. If you are ever unable to answer the phone, the computer sounds an alert and someone will come to check on you.

All elderly and homebound people living alone in Williamson County are eligible to participate. There is no cost to the participant. Applications are available at the Georgetown Police Dept., the Sheriff's Dept., or any EMS station. You can also call (512) 943-1300 or (512) 352-7462 for an application or more information."


Texas Telephone Reassurance Providers

Texas Telephone Reassurance Providers To view other providers of telephone reassurance programs in the state of Texas, visit our webpage entitled Texas Telephone Reassurance Providers. This web page also highlights volunteer service providers as well as potential grant providers in this state.

Contact DSC to learn more about our telephone reassurance services and phone systems. DSC is also a leading provider of voice broadcasting systems and services as well as emergency notification systems and community alert services.

Emergency Alert Systems and Services

emergency notification phone dialers DSC provides community alert services and systems that automatically call residents checking to ensure their well-being. This automatic phone service can re-dial the number several times and if no one answers, an alert message can be provided to a monitoring center informing them that the called individual is not answering this call or the individual requires assistance. These programs are effective and have helped residents who were unable to request assistance when an emergency arises.

Besides providing telephone reassurance service, DSC provides the most comprehensive phone solutions for the emergency notification and alert marketplace today. Whether purchasing your own emergency autodialer or using our emergency notification service, you can rely on us to deliver your alert messages.

"Are You OK?"® and RUOK® are registered names of Bruce L Johnson (Individual). For a comparison with our CARE system, please visit our RUOK® vs CARE web page.