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CARE in the News

CARE In The News

phone reassurance CARE (Call Reassurance) is a telephone reassurance program developed by Database Systems Corp. (DSC). This program contacts the elderly and handicapped ensuring their well-being.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, DSC provides automatic calling services and systems for various industries and applications. An important application that we provide calls residents, particularly senior citizens, to ensure their well-being. This service is often referred to by many communities as an RUOK or Telephone Reassurance program.

Database likewise provides emergency notification phone systems and services as well as consulting services relating to our products including in-house and on-site training, customer support and maintenance, and customized development.

Contact DSC to learn more about this important community service.

CARE Press Releases

The following are web pages and articles on the internet that relate to our CARE (Call Reassurance) phone system:

Telephone Reassurance Articles

"Are You OK?"® and RUOK® are registered names of Bruce L Johnson (Individual). For a comparison with our CARE system, please visit our RUOK® vs CARE web page.

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