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CARE Implementation Scenarios

care solution partnerships CARE (Call Reassurance) is a computerized calling service from Database Systems Corp. (DSC) that calls enrolled senior citizens (or other individuals who need periodic monitoring). CARE also checks on latchkey kids on a periodic basis to ensure their well-being.

CARE phone systems are installed throughout the U.S. in community organizations that offer call reassurance programs to their members.

These organizations are typically police departments, fire departments and sheriff's offices as well as community service and private business organizations.

These groups are often referred to as CARE provider organizations.

Call Reassurance Services

Senior Wellness Calls Besides CARE systems used by communities and service organizations, Database Systems Corp. provides a senior calling service directly to individual citizens. This service calls subscribers to ensure they are OK or to remind them to take their medications.

DSC partners such as senior community centers and law enforcment organizations can provide this daily check up calling service to their communities using our eCARE program. The following individual calling programs can be performed using our daily calling service.

  • Call Reassurance - Senior calling service
  • Latchkey Kids - After school call service
  • Reminder Calls - Send Reminders
  • Emergency Calls - Broadcast emergency message
Signup Today using our online registration form. Our online enrollment is easy, yet it provides the senior with flexible calling schedules, custom messages and greetings, as well as multiple emergency contacts in the event of no response by the subscriber.

Types of CARE Implementation Scenarios

Database Systems Corp. offers a number of different implementation scenarios for individuals, communities as well as organizations who wish to provide telephone reassurance services to members of a community. The following are descriptions of these different business programs.

  • CARE Individual Registration - DSC has four online call reassurance services (described above) that are maintained via an easy-to-use web portal. All that's required is access to the internet along with the Internet Explorer browser. The actual online sign-up with detailed service descriptions can be found on each of the websites identified above.

    Database Systems Corp. provides two methods for an individual or an organization to recommend these call reassurance services to a community. The recommender could manage each subscriber's profile using DSC's online management tool or could have each subscriber enter and maintain his or her own profile. In either case, a special CARE code can be entered which would entitle the subscriber to a 15% discount from our retail pricing.

    Individual subscribers generally designate family members, friends or neighbors as emergency contacts. If authorized by the local police or sheriff's offices, these groups can be designated as the emergency contact when there are no family or friends available.

  • eCARE-Org - The eCARE-Org program is designed for individuals or organizations and can manage virtually any size call reassurance subscriber base via our secure and friendly web portal. eCARE-Org supports any permutation of the various call reassurance models across all North American time zones.

    CARE Service To manage eCARE-Org subscribers, an eCARE-Org administrator needs only access to the internet and an Internet Explorer web browser. Similar to the first scenario, no special system or telecom resources are required (IT support, space, A/C, power, telecom, etc.).

    There is a one-time eCARE-Org license and set up fee of $2,500 along with $75 fixed monthly fee to maintain an active account. Discounted usage fees start at a 25% from published pricing. These discounts can reach 35% when 300 or more subscribers are enrolled.

    The web portal is also branded to your organization and designed to simplify managing larger subscriber bases. Minimum usage per month is $150. This represents approximately 12 subscribers.

    As with individual subscribers, emergency contacts are generally family members, friends or neighbors. If authorized by the local police or sheriff's offices, these groups can be designated as the emergency contact when there are no family or friends available.

  • CARE System Purchase - A Basic-CARE or Pro-CARE phone system can be purchased and used to provide CARE services to a community. Each of these phone systems will provide the ability to check on the well being of citizens, provide medication reminders, and ensure the safety of latchkey children.

    care phone systems Each system is configured to support a minimum of 4 lines, but fewer can be used if the subscriber base does not warrant more lines.

    The Pro-CARE system can grow by multiples of 4 analog lines and the Pacer Pro-CARE phone system starts at 24 digital phone lines and can grow to support hundreds of lines.
For complete terms and conditions, contact Database Systems Corp. to view a sample agreement for each of the above partnership arrangements.

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